CoQ10 300 mg 60 Softgels Ortho Molecular Products

CoQ10 300 mg  60 Softgels Ortho Molecular Products
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CoQ10 300 mg  60 Softgels Ortho Molecular Products
The wealth of evidence supporting CoQ10 supplementation has been embraced in virtually every corner of the medical and scientific community, in part for its array of contributions which include promoting cellular energy production, increasing antioxidant reserves and supporting cardiovascular function. Ortho Molecularís CoQ10 300 mg is highly concentrated for those that need to quickly and effectively increase levels of CoQ10. It is delivered in a proprietary, oil-based soft gel including natural vitamin E for enhanced absorption and maximum stability.

ural Ingredients Ubiquinone (CoQ-10) CoQ10 plays a critical role in maintaining the bodyís energy production, as well supporting antioxidant mechanisms. CoQ10 is vital for supporting immune, cardiovascular function and neurological health.

The bodyís ability to produce and metabolize CoQ10 has been reported to decrease with age. CoQ10 deficiency may be caused by insufficient dietary intake of CoQ10, impairment in CoQ10 biosynthesis, as well as excessive utilization of CoQ10 by the body to protect against gene mutations and oxidative stress. The result is less cellular energy (ATP production), compromised conversion of CoQ10 to the reduced form, ubiquinol, lowering protection against cellular damage and oxidation.

Finding the right CoQ-10 The right CoQ-10 is important for effective results. It is well established that CoQ-10 is poorly absorbed. To improve absorption, CoQ-10 must be dissolved and transported with a lipid carrier. Ortho Molecular's CoQ-10 300mg is delivered as a highly concentrated, highly bioavailable oil-based soft gel.