Actigex Tonic 4oz Vinco Homeopathics

Actigex Tonic 4oz Vinco Homeopathics
Item# VHT-AG

Serving Size: 1 teaspoon Servings per Container: 30


HPUS, Germmanium 4X, 6X Thuja Occidentalis 6X, 9X Conium Maculatum 6X, 9X CoQ10 6X, 9X Glyoxal 12X Lachesi Mutus 12X Phosphorus 30X, 60X In a base of: 70% Reverse-Osmosis Water, 20% Alcohol, 10% Glycerin

Product Indication: Aids in the stimulation of mesenchymal regeneration and activation.

Ingredients: HPUS; Geranium 4X, 6X, Thuja Occidentalis 6X, 9X, Conium Maculatum 6X, 9X, CoQ10 6X, 9X, Glyoxal 12X, Lachesis Mutus 12X, Phosphorus 30X, 60X.

Geranium 4X, 6X •Atonic and foul ulcers

Thuja Occidentalis 6X, 9X •Wart-like excrescences upon mucous and cutaneous surfaces •Invertable skin troubles, neuralgia

Conium Maculatum 6X, 9X •Acts on glandular system, engorging and indurating it •Failure of respiration

CoQ10 6X, 9X •Produces energy within the mitochondria •Protects cellular membranes through out the body

Glyoxal 12X

Lachesis Mutus 12X •Decomposes the blood, rendering it more fluid

Phosphorus 30X, 60X •Irritates, inflames and degenerates mucous membranes •Irritates, inflames serous membranes •Disorganizes the blood, causing fatty degeneration of blood vessels and every tissue and organ

Dosage: For adults and children 12 or more years of age: Take 1 to 2 teaspoons daily, taken with meals or in juice. Children under 12: Take half the adult dosage. Infants: Consult physician prior to use.