Allergy & Hayfever Spray 2 fl oz Vinco Homeopathics

Allergy & Hayfever Spray 2 fl oz Vinco Homeopathics
Item# VH-AH

Serving Size: 2 Sprays Servings per Container: 74


HPUS, Arsenicum Album 12X Ambrosia Artemisiaefolia 6X Arsenicum Iodatum 12X Arundo Donax 12X Allium Cepa 3X Histaminum 6C Drosera Rotundifolia 6X Natrium Muriaticum 12X Sabadilla 6X Wyethia Heleneiodes 8X Euphrasia Officianalis 6X Sulfur 12X In a base of: 20% Alcohol, 80% Reverse-Osmosis Water

Product Indication: For relief of symptoms caused by allergies, and Hay Fever.

Ingredients: HPUS; Arsenicum Album 12X, Ambrosia Artemisiaefolia 6X, Arsenicum Iodatum 12X, Arundo Donax 12X, Allium Cepa 3X, Histaminum 6C, Drosera Rotundifolia 6X, Natrium Muriaticum 12X, Sabadilla 6X, Wyethia Heleneiodes 8X, Euphrasia Officinalis 6X, Sulfur 12X.

Arsenicum Album 12X •Burning in eyes •Thin, watery, excoriating discharge from nose •Pain through upper third of right lung

Ambrosia Artemisiaefolia 6X •Intolerable itching of the eyelids •Some forms of Whooping Cough •Nose bleed •"Stuffed Up" feeling in nose and head

Arsenicum Iodatum 12X •Thin, watery discharge from nose •Sneezing •Slight hacking cough •Dry, scaly, itching skin

Arundo Donax 12X •Itching in nostrils and roof of mouth •Deep seated pains in the side of the head

Allium Cepa 3X •Red, burning, watery eyes •Sneezing •Hoarseness; itching in Larynx

Histaminum 6C •Used for the treatment of the sudden onset of allergy/hayfever symptoms

Drosera Rotundifolia 6X •Dry, irritative cough •Internal chillliness

Natrium Muriaticum 12X •Blinding headache •Heavy eyelids •Muscles weak and stiff •Roaring and ringing in ears

Sabadilla 6X •Spasmodic sneezing with runny nose •Sore throat

Wyethia Heleneiodes 8X •Throat feels swollen •Dry, hacking cough

Euphrasia Officinalis 6X •Constant watering of the eyes •Burning and swelling of the eyelids •Pressure in eyes

Sulfur 12X •Whizzing in ears •Dry, scaly skin •Dry, stuffy nose

Dosage: For adults and children 12 or more years of age, 2 to 3 sprays orally, three times daily, or as directed by a qualified healthcare professional. Do not take within 15 minutes of consuming food, beverage or brushing teeth.