ARTH-9 Arthritis Formula 120 Caps RX Vitamins

ARTH-9 Arthritis Formula 120 Caps RX Vitamins
ARTH-9 Arthritis Formula 120 Caps RX Vitamins
Item# 7-08429-90120

ARTH-9 caters to crucial nutrients for the bones, joints, ligaments and cartilages functions and is scientifically designed formula. The ARTH-9 formula is developed using an additive called glucosamine sulfate, which is a natural compound thatís present in your joint cartilage. This aminomonosaccharide has been demonstrated to play a crucial role in keeping up with a healthy tissue and cartilage. ARTH-9 is intended to help terminate joint degeneration, ease pain and inflammation and support the healing and rebuilding process.

The ARTH-9 formula isn't intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. ARTH-9 is strengthened with Vitamin C, calcium and zinc l-monomethionine to assist in tissue repair,* bromelain to assist with the maintenance of joint flexibility and also chondroitin sulfate, another significant element of the articulary cartilage.


GLUCOSAMINE SULFATE (aminomonosaccharides) 1000 MG VITAMIN C (ascorbic acid) 250 MG BROMELAIN (standardized proteolytic enzyme supplying 2400 GDU per gram) 250 MG CALCIUM (citrate) 250 MG B0SWELLIN (standardized Boswellia serrata supplying 60% boswellic acids) 250 MG CURCUMIN (standardized Curcuma longa supplying 90-95% curcuminoids) 100 MG ZINC (l-monomethionine) 30 MG CHONDROITIN SULFATE (CSA) 25 MG COPPER (glycinate) 2 MG

RECOMMENDED USAGE: As a dietary supplement, take two capsules twice daily or as directed by your physician or health care provider.