CM Essentials Kit - Chocolate Ortho Molecular Products

CM Essentials Kit - Chocolate Ortho Molecular Products
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The NEW CM Essentials Kit includes the following: 1 Glycemic Foundation - Chocolate 1 Orthomega Select DHA 1 Vascuphen

Why These Natural Ingredients?

Glycemic Foundation - Chocolate Glycemic Foundation is an easy to mix drink that reduces the glycemic impact of the standard American diet, a key to any cardiometabolic protocol.

Orthomega Select DHA DHA has been used in clinical trials to support those with cardiovascular disorders. Orthomega Select DHA enables practioners to use a more targeted fish oil regimen for their patientsí specific cardiovascular needs.

Vascuphen Vascuphen contains a blend of flavonoids including quercetin and grape seed extract that promote vascular function, along with resveratrol and green tea for antioxidant support.