Femarin 60 Caps Ortho Molecular Products

Femarin 60 Caps Ortho Molecular Products
Item# OMP559060

Femarin 60 Caps Ortho Molecular Products
Femarin is vital in aiding a woman through her menopausal transition by reducing the symptoms.

Why These Natural Ingredients?

Black Cohosh: Our optimal use of Black Cohosh, has been shown to significantly reduce mild menopause-related symptoms, even when compared to other regimens in double blind, placebo-controlled studies. Acknowledged by the German Commission E monograph for the maintenance of a normal, healthy function during menopause.

Protykin: This extract of Polygonum cuspidatum is high in trans-resveratrol, the same dietary phytoestrogen found in grapes and red wine. Its unique structure allows for estrogenic and anti-estrogenic activities while also providing cardioprotective effects.

Other Ingredients: The balance of Femarinís formula is comprised of various important elements critical to the support of a womanís transition through menopause