GripeWater 4oz by Baby's Bliss

GripeWater 4oz by Baby's Bliss
Item# 6-7923405299

Baby's Bliss contains the traditional gripe water herbs Ginger and Fennel.

What we left out of Baby's Bliss: No Alcohol No Gluten No Artificial colors No Soy No Artificial flavors No Starch No Binders No Sucrose (table sugar) No Dairy products No Wheat No Fillers No Yeast No Petroleum-based additives No Dill

About Baby's Bliss ingredients Fennel:With a centuries long history, Fennel is a natural, safe and effective supplement for easing stomach upset, hiccups, gas and other conditions.

Ginger:Used by parents for centuries, Ginger is another natural, safe, effective ingredient that eases nausea and other digestive problems.