For the temporary relief of symptoms associated with hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoid Formula Spray 2 fl oz Vinco Homeopathics
Hemorrhoid Formula Spray 2 fl oz Vinco Homeopathics
Item# VH-HE

Serving Size: 2 Sprays Servings per Container: 74


HPUS, Collinsonia Canadensis 2X Aesulus Hippocastanum 3X Croton Tiglium 6X Paoenia Officinalis 3X Sedum Acre 3X Carduus Marianus 3X In a base of: 20% Alcohol, 80% Reverse Osmosis water.

Ingredients: HPUS; Collinsonia Canadensis 2x, Aesulus Hippocastanum 3x, Croton Tiglium 6x, Paoenia Officinalis 3x, Sedum Acre 3x, Carduus Marianus 3x.

Collinsonia Canadensis 2X •Pelvic and portal congestion •Sensation of sharp sticks in rectum •Vascular engorgement of rectum •Aching in anus and hypogastrium

Aesulus Hippocastanum 3X •Much pain after stool •Sharp shooting pains up the back •Mucous membrane seems swollen and obstructs the passage

Croton Tiglium 6X •Swashing sensation in intestines •Copious watery stool

Paoenia Officinalis 3X •Painful ulcer, oozing offensive moisture on perineum •Itching, burning in anus, then internal chilliness

Sedum Acre 3X •Hemorrhoidal pains, like those of anal fissures; constricting pains worse few hours after stool

Carduus Marianus 3X •Burning pain in anus and rectum •Hard and knotting •Clayey stools

Dosage: For adults and children 12 or more years of age, 2 to 3 sprays orally three times daily, or as directed by a qualified healthcare professional.