Assists in balancing the anti-bacterial systems.

Immuno Anti-Bacteria Spray 2 fl oz Vinco Homeopathics
Immuno Anti-Bacteria Spray 2 fl oz Vinco Homeopathics

Serving Size: 2 Sprays Servings per Container: 74


HPUS, Hydrastis Canadensis 3X Aloe Socotrina 6X Allium Sativum 12X Broad-based Bacillinum 16X-30X, 100X Pyrogenium 16X-30X, 100X Anthracinium 16X-30X, 100X Staphysagria 16X-30X, 100X Diphterinium 16X-30X Streptococcinium 16X-30X Staphylococcinium 16X-30X Pneumococcinium 16X-30X Botulinium 16X-30X Tuberculinum 16X-30X Eucalyptol 20X Lac Caninium 30X Lac Vaccinum 30X In a base of: 20% Alcohol, 80% Reverse Osmosis water.

Ingredients: HPUS; Hydrastis Canadensis 3X, Aloe Socotrina 6X, Allium Sativum 12X, Broad-based Bacillinum 16X-30X, 100X, Pyrogenium 16X-30X, 100X, Anthracinium 16X-30X, 100X, Staphysagria 16X-30X, 100X, Diphterinium 16X-30X, Streptococcinium 16X-30X, Staphylococcinium 16X-30X, Pneumococcinium 16X-30X, Botulinium 16X-30X, Tuberculinum 16X-30X, Eucalyptol 20X, Lac Caninium 30X, Lac Vaccinum 30X.

Hydrastis Canadensis 3X •Relaxes the mucous membranes and produces a thick, yellowish secretion •Weak muscular power •Poor digestion •Obstinate constipation

Aloe Socotrina 6X •Difficult respiration •“Stabbing pain” from liver to chest

Allium Sativum 12X •Acts directly on intestinal mucous membrane increasing peristalsis

Broad-based Bacillinum 16X-30X, 100X •Relieves congestion of the lungs

Pyrogenium 16X-30X, 100X •Aching in all limbs and bones •Septic fevers

Anthracinium 16X-30X, 100X •Nosode for support •Glands swollen •Intolerable burning •Black and blue blister

Staphysagria 16X-30X, 100X •Headache •Muscles feel bruised •Stiff joints

Diptherinium 16X, 30X •Swollen glands •Vomiting

Streptococcinium 16X-30X •Nosode for support

Staphyloccinium 16X-30X •Nosode for support

Pneumococcinium 16X-30X •Nosode for support

Botulinium 16X-30X •Difficulty in swallowing and breathing •Choking sensation

Tuberculinum 16X-30X •Sensation of suffication

Eucalyptol 20X •Reduces inflammation and pain

Lac Caninium 30X •Erratic pains alternating sides

Lac Vaccinum 30X •Chronic gastro-enteritis with chronic diarrhea and vomiting •Tenderness of abdomen

Dosage: For adults and children 12 or more years of age, 2 to 3 sprays orally, three times daily, or as directed by a qualified healthcare professional. Do not take within 15 minutes of consuming food, beverage or brushing teeth.