For the temporary relief of insomnia, and may be used to combat stress, restlessness, nervousness, and tension.

Insomnia & Stress Spray 2 fl oz Vinco Homeopathic
Insomnia & Stress Spray 2 fl oz Vinco Homeopathic
Item# VH-IS

Serving Size: 2 Sprays Servings per Container: 74


HPUS, Valeriana 2X Chamomilla 2X Scutellaria Laterfolia 2X Passiflora 3X Ignatia Amara 6X Coffea Cruda 6X Humulus Iupulus 1X Lycopodium 30 C Avena Sativa 2X In a base of: 20% Alcohol, 80% Reverse-Osmosis Water.

Ingredients: HPUS; Valeriana 2X, Chamomilla 2X, Scutellaria Laterfolia 2X, Passiflora 3X, Ignatia Amara 6X, Coffea Cruda 6X, Humulus Lupulus 1X, Lycopodium 30C, Avena Sativa 2X.

Valeriana 2X •Sleepless, with nightly itching and muscular spasms

Chamomilla 2X •Drowsiness with moaning , weeping and wailing during sleep •Anxious, frightening dreams

Scutellaria Laterfolia 2X •Night terrors •Sleeplessness •Headaches in front and base of brain

Passiflora 3X •Restless and wakeful, resulting from exhaustion •Nocturnal cough

Ignatia Amara 6X •Very light sleep •Jerking of limbs •Violent yawning

Coffea Cruda 6X •Wakeful, on a constant move •Sleepless, on account of mental activity; flow of ideas with nervous excitability

Humulus Lupulus 1X •Drowsy during the day

Lycopodium 30C •Weak memory, confused thoughts •Drowsy during the day •Dreams of accidents

Avena Sativa 2X •Nervous exhaustion •Inability to keep ones mind on any one subject •Has a selective action on brain and nervous system, favorably influencing their nutritive function

Dosage: For adults and children 12 or more years of age, 2 to 3 sprays orally, three times daily or as directed by a qualified healthcare professional.