Doctor’s JUST FOR WOMEN * Support GEL - Fountain Of Youth

Doctor’s JUST FOR WOMEN * Support GEL - Fountain Of Youth
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Doctor's Just for Women Testosterone Alternative Support Gel is formulated specially for WOMEN!! Those looking for a non-prescription alternative to help support the varied needs of women. Our women customers love this safe, extremely potent and effective gel. For more information on this product look up the powerful ingredients listed and what they support.

Specifications DIRECTIONS: Apply ¼ to ½ tsp. daily to clean and dry skin on intended area 10 minutes to 1 hour prior to physical activity or as directed by your qualified health care provider May also be applied first thing in the morning or prior to bed as needed. Not a lubricant. Not for oral use.

INGREDIENTS: Deionized Purified Water, Iporuru (Amazon Rainforest Herbal Discovery), Chuchuhuasi (Amazon Rainforest Herbal Discovery), Mucuna Pruriens Extract, DHEA, GABA, Saw Palmetto Extract, Chrysin, Epimedium Grandiflorum Extract, Tribulus Terrestris Extract, Ginkgo Biloba Extract, Aloe Vera 200X (Micronized), Diindoylmethane, Vitex Agnus Castus (Chasteberry), Calcium D Glucarate, Safflower Oil, Almond Oil, Avocado Oil, Lecithin, Rheosol, Uniphen.

PLEASE NOTE: This product containing natural ingredients may vary in color from batch to batch.