Lecithin 1360 mg 250 Softgels (Unbleached) Solgar

Lecithin 1360 mg 250 Softgels (Unbleached) Solgar
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Solgar - Lecithin Unbleached 1360 mg. - 250 Softgels

Solgar Lecithin supplements are a vital source of this important nutrient, and may be especially important since levels of phospholipids in the brain may decline with age. Lecithin also promotes cell growth and supports nervous and cardiovascular health.

What is Lecithin? Lecithin is the major lipid component making up the cell membranes of our body. It is produced naturally in our bodily systems and present in our vital organs. Lecithinís main function is maintaining overall health and well-being. This phospholipid is contained in various foodstuffs such as soy beans, cabbage, cauliflower, split peas, nuts, beans etc. Though our body manufactures lecithin and these foods are comprised of it, our poor diet does not provide us with the required quota of lecithin thereby keeping us from enjoying the plethora of lecithin benefits. This situation merits the use of lecithin supplementation.

Solgar - Lecithin Unbleached Contains:

No Corn No Yeast No Dairy No Wheat No Artificial Preservatives No Artificial Flavors No Artificial Colors

Lecithin Benefits to our Body Lecithin packs in itself a number of health advantages. The most talked about lecithin benefit is the part it plays in breaking down and simplifying fats in our body. Linked with this function is its hand in preventing the accumulation of bad cholesterol and fatty deposits within our arteries and most importantly our heart, effectively keeping heart disease at bay.

Lecithin inhibits our bodyís capacity of soaking up fat through the intestines. This causes a decrease in the persons total cholesterol number and thereby averts atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries). This particular result can be achieved through some types of drugs; however, lecithin is the au natural way to get this process going.

With respect to cardiovascular disease, lecithin benefits are showcased in the form of its ability to fashion a slick lining which does not allow fat deposits to accumulate and lets the blood run without hiccups; as opposed to the tendency of blood clotting in blocked arteries. Lecithin benefits, in addition to hindering fat accrual and promoting fat dissolution, also include transporting existing fat to the liver and transforming it into energy that can be used by the body.

Supplement Facts Serving Size: 1 Softgel, Servings Per Container: 250 Amount Per Serving %DV* Calories 10 Calories 10 Total Fat 1 g 2%* Phosphorus (from lecithin) 24 mg 2% Soya Lecithin 1,360 mg ** Choline (from lecithin) 18 mg ** Inositol (from lecithin) 16 mg ** **Daily Value Not Established. *Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your diet values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs. Other Ingredients: Gelatin, Vegetable, Glycerin.