Provides potentized nutrients for lung function and regeneration.

Lung Tonic 4 fl oz Vinco Homepathics
Lung Tonic 4 fl oz Vinco Homepathics
Item# VHT-L

Serving Size: 1 teaspoon Servings per Container: 30


HPUS, Lung 2X, 5X, 12X Eucalyptus Globulus 3X, 6X Adrenalinum 4X, 12X Sanguinaria Canadensis 6X Belladonna 12X In a base of: 70% Reverse Osmosis water, 20% Alcohol, 10% Glycerin.


Ingredients: HPUS; Lung 2X, 5X, 12X, Eucalyptus Globulus 3X, Adrenalium 4X, 12X, Sanguinaria Canadensis 6X, Belladonna 12X.

Lung 2x, 5X, 12X •Sarcode for tissue support

Eucalyptus Globulus 3X, 6X •Asthma •Expectoration of white, thick mucus

Adrenalinum 4X, 12X •Sensation of thoracic constriction with anguish •Vertigo, naseau and vomiting

Sanguinaria Canadensis 6X •Cough with burning pain in chest •Burning soreness in right chest •Cough of gastric origin, relieved by eructation

Belladonna 12X •Respiration oppressed, quick, unequal •Larynx very painful

Dosage: For adults and children 12 or more years of age: use once or twice daily by placing 1 teaspoon in 8 ounces of water and slip. Children under 12: Half the adult dosage. Infants: consult physician prior to use.