Ortho Digestzyme 180 Caps Ortho Molecular Products

Ortho Digestzyme 180 Caps Ortho Molecular Products
Item# OMP124180

Ortho Digestzyme 180 Caps Ortho Molecular Products
Ortho Digestzyme addresses the whole function of digestion, not just one portion of the process. Phase One assists the stomach, while Phase Two enhances digestion in the small intestine. A single product for excellent overall digestion support.

Supplemental Enzymes: Few clinical studies exist with the use of supplemental enzyme therapy. Many believe such therapies are not needed and little money is spent in this field of research.

Pancreatin 8X USP: Pancreatin is composed of three different enzymes which include amylase, lipase and protease. Pancreatin is used to help those with low enzyme activity or those wanting further digestive support. Amylases break down starches, lipases breakdown lipids, and proteases breakdown proteins. 80% of pancreatic enzymes by weight are proteases.1 Pancreatin is derived from the pancreas of swine and measured in USP units.

Betaine HCL USP: Betaine hydrochloride is an acidic form of betaine. It is used to help bring the stomach to a more acidic pH to aid in digestion.

Pepsin 1:3,000: Pepsin is a protease secreted in the stomach by the chief cells. Pepsin has the highest activity between the pH of 1.8 3.5.1

Ox Bile Extract: Bile is excreted by the liver and stored in the gallbladder. Bile mixes with chyme and aids in the digestion of fats. Bile also helps the body excrete waste.

Bromelain 120 GDU/capsule: Bromelain is an enzyme extracted from pineapple plants. It helps aid in the digestion of proteins and is also used as an anti-inflammatory agent.

Papain 300,000 USP/capsule: Papain is a protease derived from papaya