Oxitrol 120 Vcaps Ortho Molecular Products

Oxitrol  120 Vcaps Ortho Molecular Products
Item# OMP508120

Oxitrol  120 Vcaps Ortho Molecular Products
Oxitrol is a high potency antioxidant used to quench free radicals.

Free radicals are natural enemies to the body, inflicting harm to immune system function and contributing considerably to the inroads of various degenerative diseases. Sufficient amounts of antioxidants like those found in Oxitrol combat the advancement of free radicals while supporting the body’s critical functions and resisting disease.

Why These Natural Ingredients?

The Synergy of Antioxidants As the value of antioxidants have grown, so have the variety and formulations of antioxidant products.

Scientists have shown that to get the fullest benefit from antioxidant supplementation, it is critical that antioxidants be taken together, rather than one at a time. A therapeutic multiantioxidant formulation enables antioxidants to help shuttle rogue electrons out from the cell environment where they can be eliminated from the body. Each antioxidant has its strengths and weaknesses when used in isolation. However, when used in combination, they support and enhance each other.

Unfortunately, it is both difficult and expensive to formulate combination antioxidants in this way, and many companies sacrifice formulation strength. Oxitrol is the only major multi-antioxidant that uses therapeutic dosages of all ingredients together in one dose.

There is no comparison for Oxitrol’s scientifically matched formulation— pairing the best clinical studies with the best raw ingredient sources to make the most efficacious antioxidant product available.