Prostatrol Forte 60 Vcaps by Ortho Molecular Products

Prostatrol Forte 60 Vcaps by Ortho Molecular Products
Item# OMP519060

Prostatrol Forte 60 Vcaps by Ortho Molecular Products
Saw Palmetto Extracts, Nettles Root Extracts and Pygeum Bark Extracts affect prostate health in different ways, and their combination in a single formula causes a synergistic effect over single ingredient formulas.

Why These Natural Ingredients?

Saw Palmetto: Studies have shown Saw Palmetto to increase urinary tract function, reducing symptom scores, nocturia, and improving peak urine flow rate. Saw Palmetto was also shown to have fewer side effects than a comparative prescription drug, while giving statistically the same benefit to the body.

Nettles Root: Helps maintain a normal rate of cell proliferation within the prostate by acting on the Na+/K+ ATPase enzyme. Nettles may also decrease the negative effects of androgens on the prostate while inhibiting prostate cell growth.

Pygeum: Helps maintain normal effects of growth factors on prostate cells thereby maximizing normal function in the prostate. Pygeum was shown to inhibit growth factors responsible for prostatic overgrowth, while reducing prostatic inflammation by inhibiting lipoxygenase enzyme activity. One study of men with BPH showed prostate symptom scores reduced by 40%, quality of life scores improved 31% and nocturnal urination frequency reduced by 32% all with 50mg of Pygeum, twice daily for two months.