Soft Tissue Support Pak, 30 packets Ortho Molecular Products

Soft Tissue Support Pak, 30 packets Ortho Molecular Products
Item# OMP351030

Soft Tissue Support Pak, 30 packets Ortho Molecular Products
Soft Tissue Pack works to alleviate inflammation, spasm and pain due to injuries, while at the same time contributing to the healing process and repair of the injury.

Once injury-related pain occurs, it is frequently accompanied by inflammation and muscle tightening or spasms. It is common for patients to take a product that addresses only one of the above issues, not realizing their injury most often has broader needs that are not addressed by their single product. Soft Tissue Support Pak offers patients the opportunity to take a holistic approach to their injury. Soft Tissue Support Pak deals with not only the pain, but also the inflammation and muscles all simultaneously. Therefore, the healing process is heightened and repair of the injury is expedited.

Inflammation: Bromelain,Turmeric Root Extract (Curcumin), Trypsin, Amylase, Lipase, Lysozyme, Cellulase, Alpha Chymotrypsin These ingredients all combine to address inflammation at the root, bringing a multi-pronged approach to reducing inflammation, one of the biggest long-term hindrances to healing. For further information on specific ingredients, please refer to the following supplement information: Bromelain Forte, Traumeric.

Spasm: GABA, Glycine, Cramp Bark, Dong Quai Root Extract Soft Tissue Support Pak employs some of the most effective natural ingredients for addressing muscle pain and spasm. For more information about these ingredients, see GABAnol.

Natural Flavonoids: Quercetin, Hesperidin Complex, Hibiscus Flowers, Rutin By decreasing capillary permeability and fragility, the flavonoids in Soft Tissue Support Pak act to help reduce swelling and decrease wound healing time. Further, flavonoids enhance the overall efficacy of the product through improvement of tendon and ligament function.

Enzymes: In addition to bromelain, other enzymes are included in Soft Tissue Support Pak for their value in breaking down unwanted proteins by facilitating their removal through the lymph system. These enzymes help renew blood flow to stressed tissue, clean up excess water in critical areas and promote better circulation.