Triplichol W/ Niacin 60 Packets Ortho Molecular Products

Triplichol W/ Niacin 60 Packets Ortho Molecular Products
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Triplichol W/ Niacin 60 Packets Ortho Molecular Products
Triplichol with Niacin

Triplichol with Niacin is a efficacious lipid management program. Triplichol with Niacin was intricately formulated with ingredients such as Omega-3 fsh oils, plant sterols, pantethine, and time-release niacin to help control cholesterol and boost cardiovascular health. Although each of the nutrients provides their own individual benefits, science is proving the synergy of these ingredients when used together at therapeutic levels is best.

Blood cholesterol is among the factors that is frequently determined by lifestyle choices, like sticking to a diet that is low in saturated fat and cholesterol and high in whole grains, fruits and vegetables. Plant sterols, omega-3 oils, pantethine and niacin provide a perfect natural alternative for maintaining optimal cardiovascular health when included part of a healthy diet, .

Diet and exercise are beneficial, but often aren't enough for optimal lipid health.Triplichol packages the most widely studied natural lipid agents available in convenient doses to promote patient compliance. Ortho Molecular Triplichol provides the most all-arounded source of these elements in a convenient, easy-to-use packet. There is no other product available that offers this combination with such efficitiveness and high patient compliance.

Why These Natural Ingredients?

Omega-3 Fish Oil Long suspected as an aid in cardiovascular health, omega-3 fatty acids are being validated through worldwide research to confirm their efficacy. The current American diet is laden with an overabundance of omega-6 fatty acids, and omega-3fatty acids from fish are vital for the maintenance of fatty acid homeostasis. Several advantages are found in Ortho Molecularís omega-3 fish oil. Our unique oils have no fishy taste and are burp-free for nearly everyone. Our omega-3 fish oils also meet the strictest international trade criteria for trace heavy metals such as mercury, as well as pesticide concentrations such as PCBs and dioxins.

Plant Sterols,First introduced as a food additive, plant sterols/stanols are becoming a popular addition to the diets of persons concerned about total and LDL cholesterol levels. Foods containing at least 0.65 g per serving of plant sterol esters, taken twice daily with meals for a daily total intake of at least 1.3 g, as part of a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol, may reduce the risk of heart disease. The National Cholesterol Education Program (NCEP) of the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute of Health suggests the use of plant sterols in conjunction with other lifestyle changes to support LDL cholesterol reduction. Numerous clinical trials have been performed with phytosterols and they have proven to be both safe and effective in a wide group of individuals. Plant sterols are often included as one of the leading approaches to managing total LDL cholesterol. Two packets of Triplichol contain 1.3 g of plant sterol esters.

Pantethine: Pantethine research from the 70's and 80's was later ignored by most clinicians. Recently, however, this research has resumed with excellent results. Pantethine is the precursor to cysteamine and pantothenic acid. Pantethine supports normal platelet function, endothelial responsiveness, and has overall antioxidant benefits. Much additional research is pending which is likely to show pantethine to be a leading natural supporter of cardiovascular health. Two packets of Triplichol provide 900 mg of pantethine, the recommended daily dose in clinical studies.

Time-Release Niacin:First researched over 40 years ago, niacin continues to be one of the most studied, and most recommended, ingredients. Niacin is considered a first-line approach by nearly every panel, including NCEP (The National Cholesterol Education Panel), for maintaining blood lipid levels that are already in the normal range. The use of niacin is often limited by the bothersome side-effect of flushing in many of the patients taking high doses of instant release niacin. Our time-released form of niacin not only maintains normal-range lipid levels as seen with instant release forms, it dramatically reduces the flushing effect allowing more people to realize the benefits of niacin. Our unique waxcoated technology permits a release that is complete in 6-8 hours, considered ideal for time-released niacin.